Our Research

For this year’s First Lego League challenge, Nature’s Fury, our team has decided upon a creative solution that we hope will affect earthquake victims all throughout the world.  The topic that we settled upon is helping people buried under rubble in an earthquake contact authorities ad rescue teams and broadcast their location. Our device is called the Bcom.

The Bcom is 6 inches high, 4inches wide, and 4 inches long. The Bcom uses analog signals to send signals as far as the signal can go. It broadcasts in 406MHz transmission. It sends GPS coordinates to the rescue team. If you don’t have the device immediately on you, we have a Bluetooth keychain device that contacts the device and Bcom sends the signal. The Bcom’s projected price range is around 50 – 70 dollars.

If you have any remaining questions about the Bcom and our project please leave it the comments.


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